Want to be succesful? Read. A Lot.

Here’s the simple truth, if you want to be extra ordinary, you have to read. A lot. A meme on going around on social media states: ‘Ordinary people have large TV’s, extraordinary people have large libraries’

In a recent article author Ryan Holiday says that Theodore Roosevelt carried a dozen books with him on his perilous exploration of the River of Doubt , that Lincoln read everything he could get his hands on (often recording passages he liked on spare boards because he didn’t have paper) and that Napoleon had a library of some 3,500 books with him at St. Helena, and before that he had a travelling library he took on campaigns.

Here are is a list of just 5 books to get you started, buy at least one and carry it with you wherever you go. Never be caught without a book.

1.       Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

2.       Purple Cow - Seth Godin

3.       The Richest Man in Babylon - George S. Clason

4.       Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell 

5.       The 4-hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss

Happy Reading.