Urine Powered generators and Hand Wrought Ingenuity

Wed, 2014-11-19 09:28 -- Anonymous (not verified)
The insanely great Maker Faire is coming to Johannesburg 3-6 December 2014,  bringing together makers, inventors, hackers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from across South Africa. 
What inspires us about this get-together is that it is not the usual tech faire and conference. The inventions, machines, and tech created are all hand made, that's right, physically put together by hand from recycled materials, up-cycled parts, local materials, or whatever was available or lying around making it next level creative and simply very, very, very cool.
In previous years there were things like a Urine (you read that right) powered generator, a handmade amplifier, a three wheel motorcycle made up up-cycled parts, and a ton of other hand made inventions.
What inspire us, is that it is solidly part of the FABA trend, For Africa By Africa, because as we have said many times, the only way forward for Africa is to design and produce its own products, and subsequently to export those products.
The Maker Faire Manifesto resonates deeply with us, and what we are pushing to accomplish at the DI;
We will wait for no one.
We will make the things Africa needs
We will see challenges as opportunities to invent, and invention as a means to proving African ingenuity.
We will show the world how sexy African manufacturing can be.
We will hunt down new skills, unmask locally made materials, keep our work sustainable and be kind to the environments in which we make.
We will be obsessed with improving things, whether a just a little or a lot.
We will share what we make and help each other make what we share.
We will be responsible for acting on our own ideas.
We will forge collaborations across our own continent.
and then the last killer one:
10. We will remake Africa with our own hands.
If you want to find out more about the Maker Faire, or even apply to exhibit, check out their web at www.makerfaireafrica.com and the Jozi site, www.mfa-joburg.com.