Solar Stained Glass Windows

We all love the idea of solar, but to be honest not many of us from the design guard are really keen on the monstrous solar geysers or the rows of dark panels. Luckily for us Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has come to the rescue with their solar stained glass window.

Current Window is a modern version of stained glass — using current technologies. The coloured pieces of glass are generating electricity from daylight, and can even harness diffused sunlight. This electricity can be used to power a whole range of electrical appliances. The glass pieces are made of ‘Dye Sensitised Solar Cells’, which use the properties of colour to create an electrical current — just like photosynthesis in plants. Similarly to the various shades of green chlorophyll absorbing light, the coloured window panes harness energy.

Plug in your devices through integrated USB ports in the window ledge. The greater the surface exposed, the more energy will be collected. Imagine these windows in churches, schools, and workplaces! Current Window offers us an example of energy-harvesting in a natural and aesthetic way, for our future.

Solar power is going way beyond panels this year, with products such as Telsa’s low-cost solar batteriessolar light bulbs, and a solar power smartphone case, all announced in 2015.


Pattern design: Marine Duroselle 
Images taken by Wai Ming Ng
in collaboration with Solaronix