Shalton Mothwa, #NextGenIndustrialist, with AEON.

Epoch Microchips is a hardware development company founded by Shalton Mothwa, a dynamic young guy. He has a background in electronics, nuclear physics, mathematics, programming and nuclear project management.

Shalton’s product is called AEON, an access remote control that uses a very natural swiping gesture to activate. However there is way more to this remote, its ground breaking feature is that it never runs out of power! Therefore, the user never has to worry about charging, it charges itself using RF harvesting technology. In other words it harvests energy from the signals all around us to charge itself in your pocket all day long.  How cool is that?

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Shalton is one of the young entrepreneurs who took part in the Design Sessions at the SABS Design Institute and who will meet top government officials and other stakeholders at the DI in Groenkloof, Pretoria on 24 March for the start of the Next Generation Industrialist Fair.

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