Transnet Enterprise and Supplier Development

Re-imagining a next generation who thrives on Innovation Entrepreneurship

Transnet is actively spearheading innovation and industrial design entrepreneurship and is committed to a partnership with the SABS Design Institute to influence the development of young black industrialists.

The Transnet Design and Innovation Research Centre, hosted at the SABS Design Institute, is directly geared for providing facilities and resources for SMMEs, black industrialists and youth entrepreneurs to research and develop innovative ideas which have commercial viability. 

The centre serves as the command centre facility for social, technological and business innovation where Transnet provides funding as well as research, development and related services.

For the past two years Transnet’s partnership with the SABS Design Institute has yielded positive results amongst learners, especially from rural areas, as well as amongst black innovators and entrepreneurs. In these features we review the ground-breaking social and economic impact of Transnet’s investment on the economic future of our country.

How clever is that! 

Transnet’s Young Movers Innovation Entrepreneurship Campaign – unlocking a culture of innovation

A money box that only opens once you’ve reached your saving goal, a device to convert your study notes into song lyrics, a shoe vacuum that cleans shoes inside and out? These were the top three ideas that learners presented at the Transnet Young Movers Innovation Entrepreneurship Design Bootcamp.  

It is the belief at the Design Institute that young people have an inherent capacity for using their imagination and if they’re guided in the right way, they’ll be able to change their lives by shifting to an entrepreneurial mind-set. 

The Innovation Entrepreneurship Design Bootcamp, held at the Design Institute in Pretoria, hosted 40 finalists who were picked from ten different high schools across eight provinces. The participants were between 15 to 19 years and ranged from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The clinic formed part of the Transnet Young Movers Programme that was designed to create a culture of innovation, design thinking and creativity at schools. The learners’ business ideas were chosen based on their level of innovation and market feasibility.

The Design Clinic consisted of seven topics that were set to be covered over a period of two days. Topics included research planning and design in entrepreneurship, leadership and pitching and presentation skills and the learners also got an opportunity for individual sessions with the SABS Design Institute’s industrial designers. These sessions assisted the learners in understanding the practicality behind their ideas and technology needed to implement them. They were also assisted in illustrating their idea through sketching. 

On the final day of the four-day workshop participants presented their final business case to a panel of judges, together with their product design sketches. The winner was Pertunia Hieta (KaChin moneybox), in second place was Silindile Cele (Edutainment – an instrumental device that will allow you to convert your school notes in song lyrics) and in third place was Siphokuhle Tantsi (Shoover – a portable shoe vacuum to clean shoes inside and out). The prize for the best presentation went to Smarado Chithwa. 

In conclusion it can be said that even though the learners all came from different schools and different regions, they had many things in common. The majority had never travelled beyond their home towns or had been on an airplane and in a hotel. This part of the experience made it particularly exciting for them. The learners were all hungry for more knowledge and improvement on their business ideas. Their confidence levels had improved from the previous sessions and they also appeared to be more prepared for the programme. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity they were given and indicated that they would love to go through the programme again.

The learners should be commended for coming up with feasible and highly creative ideas. It goes to show that imagination is the only constraint there is to entrepreneurial ideas – issues such as age, socio-economic background and quality of schooling do not come into play when looking for the industrialists of the future.

SABS Design Institute is the official implementation partner of the Transnet Young Movers and the Transnet Moving Ideas Campaigns

A proud Transnet Enterprise and Supplier Development Initiative.