PPC Imaginanrium Awards 2015

In the PPC IMAGINARIUM, concrete is the inspiration, the stimulus and primary medium for revolutionary design thinking and artistry across 6 creative disciplines. (read more)

PPC Ltd’s Imaginarium Awards is an ambitious modern art and design awards programme aimed at promoting and supporting emerging creative talent in South Africa.

PPC believes that innovative fine art and design should be encouraged in our country. It creates jobs, it makes more sustainable communities, better businesses, increases exports and adds stimulus towards growing our economy in a highly competitive global world. PPC Ltd decided to extend its existing sponsorship and support of the arts to other creative disciplines, providing emerging artists and designers with an opportunity to showcase their talents through the medium of concrete.

The categories for this year are architecture, fashion, film, industrial design, jewellery, and sculpture.

Registration and concept submission deadline is end of April. Register here

More information on the Imaginarium website.