IKEA Bauhaus Summer 2015: Request for ideas

How do the Bauhaus Masters’ Houses from the 1920s work for today’s needs of living and working? That is the question posed by the IKEA Bauhaus Summer 2015. Until 12th April, 2015, young designers, architects, interior designers and artists can apply with their ideas for participation. The IKEA Bauhaus Summer is organised by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with the IKEA Foundation in two different programmes:

DESIGNERS IN RESIDENCE from 3 August to 31 October 

Participants will receive accommodation in the Bauhaus Studio Building, a workplace in the Bauhaus and a grant. Apply with an idea sketch and a portfolio at: designerinresidence@bauhaus-dessau.de

SUMMER WORKSHOP from 10 to 21 August

Participants will receive accommodation at the youth hostel Dessau and a workplace in the Bauhaus. Apply with a letter of motivation and a portfolio at: sommerwerkstatt@bauhaus-dessau.de