Conversations with thought Leaders

There is no denying that innovation is at the heart of development in every sphere of your life.  Things are changing constantly.  You either adapt or take the risk of being left behind.  So let’s talk about ideas…YOUR ideas to help shape our future.  Yes, those ideas you have been pondering on for the past couple of months and yet don’t know how to bring it to reality.

Our future lies in ideas, innovative ideas – like yours. 


The Innovation Summit in partnership with The City of Tshwane brings to you “Conversations with thought Leaders”, thought leaders including Davis Cook and Ludwick Marishani as well as other knowledgeable speakers who will guide you in unlocking and realizing your innovative spirit.  There is an upcoming event in June which will encourage you to think about innovation best practice, tools to launch new ideas to the market and the best possible ways to support innovation in South Africa.  Dare you miss it?  Follow the link to read more 

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