Product of the week: Nic Harry

Always a fan of the local, locally designed, and locally made it is high time that we featured Nic Harry on our blog. Just a word of caution, you might overspend on their web, just too much nice-ness to  buy ;)

Nicholas Haralambous is the founder of Nic Harry (formerly NicSocks) and it is an expression of his sense of style and passion for men’s accessories and how they look on men.

“I built Nic Harry because I didn’t have enough choice. I built Nic Harry for the men out there who are tired of being boxed into a corner every day. I built this business for us, so that we can stand out, so that we can stand independently and together against boredom, against monotony and against the same.

At Nic Harry we dress men from the ground up. We are focused on style. We are passionate about perfection in our accessories. We don’t sell anything that we don’t wear.

Our stand-out accessory, our incredible socks, are designed in Cape Town and hand made in South Africa from bamboo, cotton and occasionally both. You can find the entire range of socks here.

We also have a wide range of stylish men’s accessories to help you stand out in a crowd. Find the items that work best for you and wear them loudly.”


We love Nic Harry, because it truly does just that. Allows men the chance to express without being so off the wall brash. What is also pretty awesome is they offer a custom sock design service that would hit those pen holder-, keychain-, bottle opener-, flash drive corporate gifts out the park. But our absolute favourite is the subscription service, chose a pack that you like and for a fixed amount a month you get a box filled with Nic Harry out the box fun.

Shop online at, they deliver just about everywhere.

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