PixelSmith Studios, all things animators need.

So here at the DI, we go nuts we people pool resources and create avenues for connecting designers. Which is why we really, really like what the peeps at Pixelsmithstudios have created. We are better together.

Pixelsmithstudios was started by Ruan Smit with the vision of helping and inspiring South African Animators, VFX Artists and Illustrators by creating personal profiles for animators and profiles for animation studioscreating animator lists and animation studio listslisting animation schools in South Africa. This creates a central hub where you can go, making it all the easier to find the animator you are looking for.

Their team is a mad collection of nerds, photographers, gamers, and geeks. Ruan Smit who founded Pixelsmithstudios is an Editor, Ideas Taster, Social Media and SEO Manager, Husband, XCom Commander, and Kamikaze Tor (we are not quite sure what that last one is, but is sound pretty damn impressive.

Barend Combrink, aka the Monarch of the Imaginarium, is a writer by trade, but when he’s not creating fictitious realms he acts as a wall to bounce ideas off of and correct your spelling. He loves to experience other people’s imaginations by reading a lot, playing too many video games and watching series until they are cancelled and anime until they are too bizarre to comprehend.

Andre Wells, Chief Strategy Strategist, Andre has been part of the team since the beginning and always gave some technical and creative input when he felt like it. He helps with strategizing the strategies and Capslocking all the capslocks.

A very worthwhile mention needs to go to their Honourable Mentions, where they feature interviews with animators and animations studios. Check out this one Interview with Animation Rigger Michor Lu

So for all things animation related in South Africa head over to www.pixelsmithstudios.com

Image above by Michor Lu, see more of his work here: