43 Challenge

43 candidates. 43 ideas. 43 opportunities.

At the fresh new SABS Design Centre 43 bright young entrepreneurs are making their innovative ideas happen. Funded by the TIA**, these 43 candidates have been selected to join a process designed to not only develop and perfect their products, but also to make them a better entrepreneur.

Candidates come from all around South Africa and all walks of life. Their level of education ranges from matric to PhD, and they are bringing to the Centre ideas forapps, household appliances and public services, ranging from pet-feeders and prams to gunshot locating technology.

Terrestrial, an award winning industrial design studio, assigns mentors and experts to take each person from research & development to a commercial product concept. Questions asked are: Who will buy the product? Do people need this product? What would they be willing pay? How will it be made?

The design experts and mentors help guide the candidates through the design process as well as helping them navigate the barriers and challenges of production, costing, retail supply and so on. In a world where brands rule, every candidate is not just guided to design and manufacture a great product but also build a great brand to carry their designs into the world.

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