NICEWORK /// but really..

Here is an agency that not only does great work, but is just plain nice right back to the world at the same time.  They do the usual; branding, graphic design, presentations, animation and websites, don’t get us wrong, they do a fantastic job at those, what lifted our eyebrows is their blog, magazine, and resources page.

It is nice to see companies that aren’t afraid to share their knowledge, for free at that, to help build and industry, get those creative urges out, and inspire people. It makes sense and it makes good business sense too. In a world of retweets sharing shows that you are not precious about your little patch, that you are in it for the greater good and people like that, very much. The more you share your work the more the internet will love you (that’s a tip kids, write it down.)

The Nicework blog

Want a curated feed of the best design, animation and creativity from around the web? The Nicework Ramble is the thing for you. Don’t believe us? Click here to have a look. They post the most exciting things they find on the web every day, as well as their own projects, and longer posts about the brainwork behind design.


NICE Magazine

Is a free online magazine that showcases talented designers, illustrators and other extraordinary creatives. You can have a look at it right here



Nicework created some great documents that teaches the basics on branding, a website worksheet, and choosing the right typeface. A great place to start if you are a total newbie.



+27 11 482 7380
2nd Floor, The Media Mill, 7 Quince Road, 
Milpark, Johannesburg, South Africa

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