The New Gaurd: Sibusiso Mthembu

Sibusiso Mthembu, is the founder of Ethno design furniture. Its main drive is to expand the types of material used in production and to increase the level of experimentation with forms. He strives to acquire new techniques and high tech machining to produce unique products that are of an excellent standard, functional and have a strong leaning towards art.

Sibusiso believes in adding value through creating limited run products that are made with the intention of giving the end user pride of ownership and the knowledge that their piece is a product of experimentation and technical excellence.

Mthembu's passion for inventiveness is not limited to design however. He created 'Pen of Knowledge', a public sculpture in Johannesburg, in partnership with his brother, Sabelo Mthembu. The giant pen-like structure of concrete, steel and teak represents the power of knowledge and the journeys people take in search of it. The angled concrete structure was carefully engineered, and a thin steel framework reinforces the teak wood used as the nib of the pen.

Source: Southern GUILD, CultureTrip