Moving Ideas candidate solving the need for science labs in schools.

Nkosi Maseko is part of the Moving Ideas programme run at the SABS Design Institute (powered by Transnet).  He came with their product, The Mobile school Science Laboratory, to the Moving ideas program in order to develop the design, brand, and business model further with the guidance of the team at the Design Institute.

Most rural learners do not have access to science apparatus and experiments which they encounter at university level for the first time. This leads to many university drop-outs, poor results, or bridging courses in science related subject courses. This leads to fewer science, technology, engineering and mathematics students and lack of skills in the economy. These are much needed fields and yet little has been done to rectify the problem.

The MobiLab, as it is now called, is a mobile school science laboratory.  The new product idea was envisaged to address the problem of a lack of science laboratories in secondary schools within South Africa. It is reckoned that 85% of school have no or limited access to a laboratory.

The Mobilab is already in use in 14 schools in Tshwane [video] and is viewed as one of the top SA innovations in 2014

The  Mobilab is unique in that it can be moved from classroom to classroom, unlike other solutions that involve one big vehicle or trailer being parked close to the school. Which is firstly expensive and secondly many of the school are only accessible by off road vehicles. It is fitted with a sink, clean water container, gas burner, storage space, electrical outlet, a work area and just about  everything needed to conduct basic science experiments.