The Most Beautiful Table


Richard Stretton founded Koop Design in Durban in 1993 after graduating as an architect, consistently producing both furniture and architectural design.

Stretton’s furniture always catches our eye, playful, perfectly crafted, and still staying true to South Africa. We always love that.

Koop also has strong social and environmental values and their choice of materials and sealants, and skills training programmes support these. Koop is broadly resourced and Stretton has 22 years’ experience in manufacture. Koop has established relationships with suppliers ranging from old school cabinet makers and joiners to operations with cutting edge technology.

Furniture design projects are often collaborations with architects, and interior designers. Koop’s approach is to develop a unique language each project that responds to the original design concepts developed by the architect.

One of our all-time favourite pieces is the Linen Fold table, designed on invitation in 2010 from The Southern Guild, to be exhibited as part of the Joburg Art Fair.

“I first thought about replicating drapes of fabric in timber to mimic and play on a night frill when designing a bed in 2004. The invitation from Southern Guild brought the opportunity to develop the thinking. It started as a table but once I saw the impact of the sculpted side, I realised it had to be taller. The tall, narrow, side table with slender legs adds to the elegance of the folded form. The manufacture is complex using a 3D CNC router to carve the solid timber panels and then a series of complex junctions to stitch the piece together.”

Koop can be contacted on

+27 (0)31 201 2415