Matblac. Perfect leather goods, and he means it.

You know what we can’t stand? People writing things about their products on the website, how amazing it is, what magnificent quality it is, and how unique it is only for us to find out when we hold the product how completely the opposite it is.

Matblac is not like that. At all.

His leather goods are the best, but seriously the craftsmanship, the quality of the raw materials, and the design all are as advertised. Perfect.

Matblac is the result of one man’s passion for leather becoming an obsession. Everyday is about crafting a new product, every evening about tinkering and refining its design. No effort is spared in the production and design of our goods, all of which is proudly  done at the Matblac studio in Cape Town.

What Mat doesn’t say on his web though, is how great and personal his service is. The personal emails when you order keeping you up to date down to the beautiful packaging your product arrives in, all perfect.

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