LuMen. Lights from the Capital.

Buying local, that is the key to growing our local economy, as we have said a zillion times before. Unfortunatly ‘local’ in the past, and still for some, conjured up images of badly made curios, hand painted sunflower table cloths and all things tie-died.

Not anymore. Phew.

This one is quite a find. LuMen in the Capital, an unexpected overnight success.

LuMen started with 2 friends sharing ideas on cool lights, is wasn’t long before the ideas sharing turned into a ‘let’s see if we can make’em’.

The lights were spotted by an organiser of one of the big design markets in Pretoria, a stand was put together, and some more lights were made. On the first day of the market LuMen sold out. They had to work through the night to have enough stock for the following day, when they sold out again,

and again the next day,

and again.

And so the LuMen story began. LuMen’s lights are beautifully designed and well crafted, and on trend. They since have put up an online store, , and have started supplying all over the country. They also stock those great Edison bulbs at a ridiculously good price, and have started doing home accessories too.

So go grab a light or two, or three for the holiday season or better yet, get a custom LuMen design.

Lights up!

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