Leak – Less Valve™ PASEKA LESOLANG #NextGenIndustrialists

The world is facing a growing water management crisis and leaking toilets are a major contributor to the problem.  A leaking toilet can waste approximately 30 to 700 liters of water a day. This equates to 7 bathtubs per day, depending on the size of the leak. The WHC Leak - Less Valve™ innovation saves 70% of water that is currently lost due to toilet leaks.

The WHC Leak – Less Valve™ is a water control mechanism in toilet cisterns, which reduces water loss attributable to leaks. This is achieved by stopping the influx of water at a predetermined level. The WHC Leak – Less Valve™ is the “Intel” inside toilets.

WHC was founded in 2007, and is registered as Wagienience (Pty) Ltd. The name WHC is derived from the words Water, Hygiene and Convenience. Water represents our substance focus, Hygiene represents the Green Economy we serve, and Convenience represents the innovative solutions and services we provide to sustain the environment. The Company was established by Paseka Lesolang at the age of 18, with the intention of solving socio economic problems.

Paseka Lesolang, the founder and CEO of the company, is already an experienced entrepreneur. Previous ventures include a profitable photography business.

The product as previously designed is too expensive for potential customers to adopt it. The Design Sessions workshop at the DI refined the concept to add a module to existing flushing mechanisms rather than trying to completely replace them. This would reduce the unit cost and increase profit margins; making the product commercially viable.

Paseka is one of the young entrepreneurs who took part in the Design Sessions at the SABS Design Institute and who will meet top government officials and other stakeholders at the DI in Groenkloof, Pretoria on 24 March for the start of the Next Generation Industrialist Fair.

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