Keep it here.

Grandt Mason Originals

So here is a good idea, you might have seen it floating around the social media-verse, but don’t let that put you off. It is a very, VERY, good idea.

What if this holiday season, and hopefully after, we all just bought local? As local as possible, preferably within walking distance from your home. Let’s say we all start supporting the small businesses and self-employed artisans in our areas, the local jeweller, your neighbour selling online, the artist down the street, the crafter on the corner making beautiful objects, the guy baking sourdough bread in a stone oven in his backyard?

What if we kept the money here?

We would be supporting and growing the local economy.

We would be creating jobs since small and medium businesses combined are in fact the largest employers.

We would be amplifying our neighbourhoods, our country’s, and our culture’s uniqueness.

We would drastically lower our carbon footprint. Buying your fruit and veg at a local farmer’s market is much less damaging to the environment than buying those driven in or even flown in. Not to mention that it’s usually much tastier and cheaper!

So if you are buying gifts this season, why not get something made locally? You’ll be helping out more than you think.

For buying local look for a farmer’s market in your area, they are usually early on a Saturday morning. Look out for Design Fairs, markets and so on. There are lots of them around this time of year too.

Our own ProudlySA logo will help guide your credit card too, or just turn the box around and read the made in… line.

To help out more, we will be posting local designers and local products throughout December on this blog, so keep checking in or subscribe to the RSS feed below (It’s the orange icon, very convenient you’ll get the post right into you inbox)