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Haldane Martin

What would a buy local series of blog posts be without one about Haldane Martin. Martin is a pre-eminent South African designer and brand, known worldwide for iconic furniture and highly conceptual interiors. His Songololo sofa and Zulu Mama Chair, has become highly sought after by the design guard around the world.

The Songololo Sofa is inspired by nature’s creepy crawlies, as the multitude of legs suggest,  Its curvy sensual form is a reinvention of the classic 70’s sectional sofa. A patented pivot & bracket system allows Songololo to be changed in length and curved to suit the space.

The Zulu Mama Chair is an integration of South Africa’s first and third world reality by combining indigenous Zulu basket weaving craft with modern materials. The chair incorporates the weaving work of township crafters and echoes the archetypal feminine activity of gathering. And it comes in pink, which is just plain cool.



Very worthwhile to mention is Martin’s interior design for Truth Coffee. The steampunk-inspired HQ in Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, was named “world’s best coffee shop” by MSN Travel in 2013. This concept interior with its unique bespoke elements is exemplary of the Haldane Martin brand. We also like Truth’s coffee by the way.

Contact details below.

Interior Design Studio

Contact Alison: +27 (0)73 161 9161

Furniture Sales

Contact Erik Snyman: +27 (0)76 376 4487
Tel +27 (0)21 447 1304, Fax +27 (0)21 447 1308

Source: http://haldanemartin.co.za