How leather goods and coffee can change lives. Savior Brand Co.

Savior Brand Co., based in Durban, South Africa, was birthed out of a love of doing things the old fashioned way. In our instant culture of 5 minute ab workouts, 2min noodles and the 1 minute manager it’s refreshing to start a business that focuses on crafting things that take time. Max and Nicky wanted to create an environment where good design, superior quality and pride in your work actually matter. For them, workmanship is critical and every tiny stitch detail and pattern is pored over with meticulous care. Almost all products are hand-stitched, the old fashioned way. The magic of Savior Brand Co is that they make things that they love and they make things that are certain to last, just like the old days. 

We at the DI, are passionate about Design being a catalyst for change and Savior Brand Co. lives that  belief beautifully.

Savior Brand Co. is also passionate about helping young adults re-discover and fulfil their dreams & to help them change their life circumstance along the way - a significant portion of their profits feed into our Savior Life Cycle .

The core vision of Savior Life is to be an integrated and holistic solution based initiative to transition young orphaned and unskilled adults from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, into sustainable employment by providing life-skills, mentoring, entrepreneurial training, employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

Savior Life exists to provide opportunities for sustainable employment, and to enable the next generation of leaders in our nation. They offer parentless young adults and those from vulnerable backgrounds a structured holistic work environment, where they can receive structured mentoring, personal skills development and spiritual input, training and apprenticeship opportunities, and small and micro-business startup support.

The Savior Life Cycle for any young adult consists of 4 aspects:

  1. Mentoring: In partnership with local churches each young adult is linked with a mature adult who commits to mentor then over an initial period of 2 years. This entails meeting together at least twice a month for 1½ - 2 hours.
  2. Life-Skills Training: In partnership with Zoe-Life and World Changers Academy each adult will attend regular life-skills workshops. These workshops will focus on various life skills such as personal hygiene, building self-esteem, interpersonal communication, cultural diversity, substance abuse, and leadership skills, among other things.
  3. Apprenticeships and Work-Placements: Work-based opportunities will be created for each young adult in the programme to develop their skills and gain valuable experience through partnership with various local businesses, such as The Savior Brand Co., Savior Coffee Co., Mr Price, etc.
  4. Small and Micro Business Development: In partnership with the Durban Chamber of Business and Durban municipality, perspective business entrepreneurs will be supported in developing their business proposals for initial seed funding. This also includes business training and mentoring.

It is envisaged that between 5 – 10 young adults would be selected for the programme, and typically each young adult would spend between 2-3 years travelling through the full Life-cycle. The goal would be that at least 2 young adults would have set up a sustainable small or micro business each year and that a further 2 young adults would find permanent semi-skilled employment.