GOOGLE CARDBOARD – Virtual reality for anyone with a smartphone.

There’s no better way of truly understanding something, than leaping into a world completely foreign to you. Immersive technologies such as simulators, have made it possible for flying to be ranked the safest mode of transport.

Google is one such company; Inspired by their mantra, “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible”, the tech giant has brought virtual reality closer to the average joe and his favourite brands. Google Cardboard is as accessible as it’s name suggests, retailing for just under R300, it’s a pouch like case with lenses housing iOS or Android phones, meaning consumers get a premium entertainment experience at a bargain price. The platform works by placing your phone at the optimal distance away from the lenses. Then, by using compatible apps, the lenses create a 3D effect when held up to your eyes. You can even move your head around, and the images will respond as if you’re in the same place as what’s displayed on your screen.

Ever wondered what goes down in an F1 team’s pit stop? Download a 360° video, stand next to a lollipop man and find out, or better yet hop into the cockpit and be the driver! It’s a great tool to use for creating branded content, without it feeling like an advertisement and running the risk of your audience itching to click on “Skip Ad”. The latest edition of these “Skip Ad” free stories is Mini’sBackwater: a diamond heist with a 360° perspective. The film highlights the Mini Connected system, which tethers the vehicle dashboard to applications such as Spotify and allows drivers to operate a GoPro camera mounted outside the car from the steering wheel.

It will be a while before the technology becomes mandatory for brand campaigns, as production costs of the interactive videos can run well into the millions, meaning only few global competitors will enable you to get a virtual experience of their brands. Once the domain of cheesy 80s science fiction movies, simplistic inventions like Google Cardboard are fast tracking a new standard for entertainment while driving content marketing.

First seen on SA CREATIVES, edited for the DI.

By: Lerato Moleko – Innovation Architect at Live+ Connectivation™ Agency
twitter: @koenamo