Exciting times, SA Innovation Summit is around the corner.

The theme for this year’s Innovation Summit  ‘Innovation Intelligence,’, taking place in Cape Town from 26-29 Aug, seeks to address the mystery of creating that illusive competitive edge through new and convergent thinking. This exciting theme will be unpacked at the SA Innovation Summit through a full and varied programme that will include a local and international plenary, panel debates, break-away sessions, highly interactive workshops and an in-depth matchmaking service, facilitated by industry professionals. The summit will look closely at the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, thought leaders, inventors and investors, as well as proposing inventive solutions and powerful tools to overcome these challenges. Participants can expect mind-opening experiences that seek to influence and lead current thinking in the field of innovation and the problems ordinary South Africans face.

We are really excited to see what will be presented at the Pitching Den and the Inventors Garages, where garage and kitchen inventors get to show their concepts, prototype, or demo versions. The Perfect Pitch Workshop also caught our eye, where Beth Susanne, Pitch and Communications Coach and Managing Director of Visions in Focus BV, will be presenting a two-day Pitch Coaching Workshop for start-ups at the Innovation Summit 2015. The workshop is designed to empower you with the perfect 1 – 5 minute pitch to ensure that your idea, invention or business gets the attention it deserves.

The SABS Design Institute is a proud partner to the Innovation Summit and we hope to see your there, go here to register for the event.