Thinking Design

UJ Department of Industrial Design Alumni Exhibition 2013
07/08/13 to 28/08/13
FADA Gallery, Bunting Road Campus, University of Johannesburg

Thinking Design is an inversion of the term Design Thinking and highlights the hidden thoughtfulness that goes into a design or the solving of a problem. This is an overt consciously systematic and iterative process.
Thinking Design focuses on the physical artefacts generated by this process from five professional industrial designers and alumni from the UJ Department of Industrial Design. In industrial design practice these artefacts include:
research, sketches, renderings, development models, user-testing, engineering, development prototypes and final manufactured prototypes. This exhibition is enlightening for design students and the broader public by tangibly making visible the complex process of getting to a final design  solution .

Exhibitors include Harrison Designs: Peter Harrison; Maeker & Amoq: Trevor Hollard & Rowan Mardghum; and Snapp Designs: Jonathan Fundudis & David Holgreaves

The exhibition is curated by Angus D Campbell, Senior Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design.