The Discipline of Innovation

For more than 30 years, Jim Stikeleather has designed, developed and implemented award-winning information and communications technologies that help businesses and institutions succeed.

There are several definitions of innovation, but Jim helps to clarify in this video general innovation principles that Dell has adopted. Here are the common innovation parameters (as defined by Jim) below.

1. It has to be a new idea.
2. It has to be forward thinking.
3. It has to reflect a current or anticipated customer problem.
4. It has to be viable or feasible.
5. It has to be valuable.

Make sure to watch the full interview with Mix maverick, Gary Hamel, a Mix Maverick, below.

Currently, Jim serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Dell Services where he leads a team of information technology and business experts who identify, evaluate and assess the future potential of new technologies, business models and processes to address evolving business, economic and social trends for the company and customers.


Originally posted on Relevants

image credit: Techonomy