Youth month feature

Looking at life through a different lens


Four years ago Soweto-born twins Justice and Innocent Mukheli, together with their best friend Vuyo Mpantsha began the photography blog I See A Different You to showcase what was fun and beautiful about the township where they grew up, rather than the stereotypical view of a place of poverty and hardship. What started as a fresh way of showing life around them and dressing to look the part, has turned into a hip and happening brand with several sideshows featuring these young creatives and the world they live in.

Design education: What are your options?

Human beings are in essence designers because they solve problems on a daily basis. However, to follow a career in design, calls for more than a natural ability to solve problems. Ideally a designer should be trained to apply practical methods, incorporate prior knowledge, and combine these with natural talent to solve new problems. This is where design education comes in.

Design Team: From student concept to dynamic business

Entering a Design Team store offers a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns that shouts out: This is truly South African. There are items for the home in the form of placemats, aprons, tablecloths and more, files covered in the beautiful hand printed material, and then on the fashion front, scarves and headbands. The prints are quirky, the patterns bold and the colours of the fabric and the prints complement each other in a vibrant way.

The value of design in shaping the lives of young people

Looking at the Department of Basic Education’s National Curriculum Statement on Design for Grades R – 12, one is again struck by the fact that, properly implemented, Design as a school subject could go a long way in shaping the lives of young people in South Africa. 

Design your future

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” These were the wise words of the American architect, systems theorist, author, designer and inventor, Buckminster Fuller, who lived in the previous century.



Homegrown design competitions to celebrate local talent


Imaginarium Awards support innovative thinking

With a substantial monetary reward, PPC Ltd again presents the Imaginarium Awards, an ambitious modern art and design awards programme aimed at promoting and supporting emerging creative talent in South Africa. Submissions close on 31 August. Click here.

Nando is looking for a Hot Young Designer


As part of their ongoing celebration of South African design Nando’s is launching the Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015 competition.

PG Bison 1.618 Competition open for entry. 

The PG Bison 1.618 Competition was created over two decades ago to recognise the future interior and industrial designers, architects and key decision makers in the South African construction industry.  

Call for entries: Furniture design competition


Entries are now open to final-year design students and established designers across South Africa for the National Furniture Design Competition. 

Caesarstone Design Competitions - Supporting South African design


Caesarstone is on the hunt for the best kitchen in South Africa. The Caesarstone Kitchen of the Year owner and designer will take home R50,000 each, and add to that TV exposure, magazine coverage and bragging rights.