When ico-D came to town

The International Council of Design (ico-D), previously known as Icograda, last week held their first board meeting in their new guise at the Design Institute. At a cocktail event hosted by the Design Institute, David Grossman, president elect of ico-D, emphasised the long history of collaboration between the two institutions and expressed the hope that ties would be strengthened even more in future. Read more

Ico-D was founded in 1963 as Icograda, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, and since then has promoted the value of design practice, thinking, education, research and policy, representing more than 200 organisations in 67 countries and regions globally. It changed to ico-D (International Council of Design) during 2014 to better reflect its new and integrated design focus and strategy with the emphasis on promoting the importance of design as a key medium for social change.


According to ico-D’s managing director, Jovana Milović, a great advantage of the revamped organisation is the fact that it now supports more than just graphic design, but is there to serve the needs of all design disciplines. “We see a symbiosis or a synergy between the different design disciplines and we are focussed to support emerging design strains such as experimental design that does not have strong representation as yet,” said Milović. She also said that ico-D would pay special attention to professional practice and to grow the organisation in a sustainable way.


The Design Institute, the only national design promotion body on the African continent, has been a promotional member of ico-D since 2013. “The SABS Design Institute’s advocacy role has recently undergone a metamorphosis from its previous focus on industrial design to driving design impact across a wide spectrum of human endeavour. In this regard, the SABS Design Institute recognises that it serves as the primary public facilitator and national voice on design for all South African designers and is very honoured to host the ico-D board meeting, the first on African soil since its name change” emphasised the head of the Design Institute, Gavin Mageni.


The Mandela 95 Collection, an international poster project endorsed by ico-D and recently acquired by the SABS, was displayed at the Design Institute during the board meeting and can now be seen at the Design Laboratory on the SABS campus.