SA furniture design moves beyond local shores 

What started off as a mention here and a photograph there, has now become a definite trend. It’s official, South African furniture design is going places internationally. Individual local furniture designers together with national, provincial and private initiatives have taken South African furniture design up a notch so that the world at large is now taking notice. read more



When ico-D came to town

The International Council of Design (ico-D), previously known as Icograda, last week held their first board meeting in their new guise at the Design Institute. At a cocktail event hosted by the Design Institute, David Grossman, president elect of ico-D, emphasised the long history of collaboration between the two institutions and expressed the hope that ties would be strengthened even more in future.  read more


Design Trends

We’ve been busy … very, very busy

Over the past month the Design Institute has been truly living out its mandate of being South Africa’s public design facilitator. With partnerships and projects reaching maturation, DI project teams have been hard at work to turn design into a vehicle to effect social and economic change read more



Local furniture design competition open to all

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Solid Works and the SABS Design Institute, invites design students and established designers to participate in the Furniture Design Competition.  read more

IKEA Bauhaus Summer 2015: Request for ideas

How do the Bauhaus Masters’ Houses from the 1920s work for today’s needs of living and working? That is the question posed by the IKEA Bauhaus Summer 2015. read more

Back to the Business of Design

Business of Design's first 2015 dates have been announced and the line-up will be revealed shortly. Business of Design, a two-day seminar run by leading industry experts and design professionals, will change the way your design business works. You will be guided, inspired and offered practical tools to help you better your business. read more


Momentum: The secret to moving an organisation forward

“Momentum is a leader’s best friend. Sometimes it’s the only difference between winning and losing.” These are the wise words of leadership guru John Maxwell who expounds on the concept of momentum in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. The reason why I have been thinking about momentum recently is because it is the word that springs to mind when I look at the SABS Design Institute. read more


The importance of history

With the visit of ico-D to the Design Institute, I have pondered the issue of history. The Design Institute’s relationship with international design bodies spans many decades. The other reason I have been offering mind space to the concept of history is because this year the Design Institute will be 50 years old. read more