Toilets, strollers and cosmetics

Clay from KZN used as a cosmetic, a leakless toilet valve, a baby stroller that is public transport-friendly ... South Africans think up the most amazing things. Read More



When design entrepreneurship makes an economic impact

For the past two decades the Design Indaba has been held in Cape Town at the end of February each year. The Indaba carries the slogan A Better World through Creativity. And a better world is definitely what this event has created. The Design Indaba website states that “its birthplace was one far bigger than design – one inspired by societal issues and intrinsically tied to the story of Africa.” with the primary aim of advancing the cause of design in communication, in industry, commerce and investment in intellectual capital. Read More


Beating the drum for eating, drinking and buying locally

Local is definitely lekker. Pick up any design or lifestyle magazine and you will see proteas and succulents used in floral designs and shweshwe cloth fashioned for anything from clothing, shoes, tablecloths and curtaining. No self-respecting trendy home will be seen without a beaded animal or two or a piece of bespoke furniture created by a local designer. And this trend has also spilled over to the world of food.Read more


Ithateng Mokgoro

“It is in the space between things that magic happens”

Ithateng Mokgoro, graphic designer and branding specialist, is a quiet man. You often catch him looking into the middle distance, as if he sees more and further along space and time
than the rest of us.

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Message from the CEO of the SABS

Dr Boni Mehlomakulu

With the launch of the SABS Design Institute’s Design and Innovation Entrepreneurship Centre we have reached more than just the milestone of developing new product or service ideas through design thinking. On a broader national level, the establishment of the Centre embodies the forging of partnerships across disciplines, in this case partnering with TIA and the executing agencies where the ideas will be implemented.



Message from the Group Manager of the Design Institute

Gavin Mageni

When I started as group manager at the Design Institute six months ago, I set out to see how design could unlock the channels of economic equity. With the Design and Innovation Entrepreneurship Centre the first steps have been taken to achieve this goal.





Message from the resident design mentor

Tasos Calantzis

The Design and Innovation Entrepreneurship Centre has access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts consisting of designers, engineers, branding experts and business experts. The process takesa multi-layered approach where the first step is to develop the entrepreneurs themselves, then to develop their product or service idea and finally developing the business side of the idea.