A new leader for the Design Institute

June 2013

A new leader for the Design Institute

The SABS Design Institute is privileged to welcome Gavin Mageni as its new Group Manager. 

Gavin aims to position South Africa as a global design hub. He believes that design and innovation should be used to respond to current and future technological, economic and social demands and should act as the catalyst to meaningfully overcome the national challenges of high unemployment, poverty and inequality. He plans to ensure that policies and processes are positively geared to enable the translation of new ideas and research & development output into sustainable economic opportunities to aid in the development of new businesses and a culture of innovation by design.

His vision for the Design Institute is to create a one-stop-design-hub by providing a solution-enabling environment to those who have difficulty finding the appropriate channels to put their ideas into practice.
He further believes in fostering sustainable economic growth by driving activities where social and commercial value is aligned through responsible and ethical business practices. It is important that the SABS should demonstrate how design adds value to the economy and society by setting explicit and measurable objectives and report on the impact regularly. Taking advantage of the rich, long history of the SABS, he is certain that the engrained intellectual capital will enable the SABS Design Institute to become more relevant as the official Design promotion body in the country.

Gavin has been trained in Social Science, Education, Strategic HR Management and Advanced Strategic Marketing and PR Management and was employed within the Financial Services Sector for the past 9 years. The last three years he spent as part of the Executive Management Team within Absa and Barclays Africa with his most recent responsibility that of Head: Citizenship, Africa. He has led various teams within diverse disciplines such as Sales, Marketing, Communication and Corporate Affairs across the continent.

Welcome to the Design Institute team, Gavin!

Design Institute partners with the SA Innovation Summit

The Design Institute is happy to announce that it has established a long term relationship as Design Partner with the annual SA Innovation Summit. The Summit aspires to contribute to building the National System of Innovation by facilitating collaboration among the disparate range of role player involved in generating successful innovation.

The theme of the 2013 Summit is “Innovation goes viral . . . catch it for growth”. The Design Institute plans to ensure the amplification of the crucial role that design plays in the process of moving an idea or invention to commercially successful innovation by being involved in all segments that the Innovation Summit offers – the Spark Lab, the Inventors Garage, the Pitching Den and the delegate programme. The Summit takes place from 27 – 29 August at the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Detail about the Design Institute’s contributions will be revealed in time. Meanwhile, read about the 6th Innovation Summit here and prepare yourself “to catch innovation for growth”!


Invitation to the SAINE/Design Institute Breakfast

ICSID World Industrial Design Day (WIDD)  
The Design Institute is celebrating WIDD 2013 on Friday, 28 June, with a discussion by experts on the value of design in business innovation. This breakfast event is organised in partnership with SAINE, the South African Innovation Network and will take place at the Cobra Lifestyle Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

ICSID encourages its members to celebrate WIDD by creating an awareness of how industrial design - as product or service – forms an integral part of our daily lives. The event aims to not only achieve this but also to affirm the statement: Good Design is Good Business.

The discussion will be opened by Brain Steinhobel from Steinhobel Design with a reflection on his ranges of taps and mixers designed for Cobra Watertech, a plumbers’ brassware manufacturer that has been providing South African households and industries with quality products since 1951. Contributions by Cobra Watertech, Brand Council South Africa, Institute of Interior Design Professions of South Africa and the South African Bureau of Standards will illustrate the business innovation one set of design excellence can realise.

Read more here



Mandela95 Poster project 
A reminder to join in the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday by creating a poster or series of posters and thereby contribute to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust. Read more here and see some contributions here




Inventor’s Garage Competition @ the SA Innovation Summit
The Inventors Garage Competition seeks to find inventions/discoveries/models/prototypes/animations/apps, etc. that have not been commerialised yet. The 10 best entries will be selected to be exhibited at the 6th SA Innovation Summit.  Entries close on 22 August 2013. Winners will be chosen by a qualified judging panel.

Cash prizes range from R 25 000 to R 5 000, with another R 5 000 prize for the most votes on Facebook.  The competition is open to everyone (as individual, company, team or group), across all industries in South Africa and all SADC member countries

JUDGING criteria are:
The wow factor, the originality, the need, the potential, the practicality and the creativity
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General design news



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6 Ways to create a culture of innovation
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Design History

A history of Braun design on Core77.

Core77, in recognition of Braun's long history of and dedication to "good design," presents an archive of product histories, photos and more to highlight Braun's success in creating meaningful products that people enjoy using. These articles also acknowledge how industrial design forms part of our daily lives.  

Braun started in the 1920's as a small engineering shop and by the 1960's had become an internationally renowned brand for small electrical appliances—a development driven by technical innovation, long-lasting quality and outstanding design. Today, nearly 90 years after its inception, Braun is part of P&G, the largest consumer goods products company in the world.

The story is told in four parts:

Part 1 – Electric shavers
Part 2 – Time pieces
Part 3 – Audio products
Part 4 – Kitchen appliances

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