Giant strides for the SABS Design Institute

September 2013

Message from the SABS CEO

  Is design essential for bridging the innovation chasm?
Whatever the reason for the innovation chasm, I wish to propose that design can go a long way in bridging the gap.  The term ‘innovation chasm’ refers to the gap that exists between an initial brilliant idea and eventually transformed product or service that can be taken to the marketplace. In other words, bridging the innovation chasm means translating knowledge or research into new products or services successfully. Read more

From the Design Institute


Changing the course of the Design Institute, one message at a time
Since the SABS Board approved a new strategy for the Design Institute (DI) in 2012, huge strides have been made in designing the course the DI would take in future. One of the main elements of this route is to harness the power of design to generate a socio-economic impact. Read more


Thought leadership perspective


 Design Thinking and impactful entrepreneurship
“We will not be able to produce sufficient commercial activity through Entrepreneurship if we do not apply the Design Thinking process on the products and services that we bring to the market” - Ms Venete Klein, SABS Board member. Read more here

Design Institute activities

Giant strides for the SABS Design Institute
It takes time and effort to turn a ship, but once turned, the new direction can be invigorating and could take you places that have seldom been reached. This metaphor truly applies to the SABS Design Institute (DI). Since the SABS Board approved a new strategy for the DI in 2012, huge strides have been taken to keep the design ship on course and to address the challenge of harnessing the power of design to generate a socio-economic impact.
The greatest achievement has been creating visibility, forging partnerships amongst a variety of stakeholders, including designers, industry, the government, the SABS internally, and the media, as well as delivering focused messages to these groups during a variety of stakeholder engagements.
Although tweaked to suite the context of the different audiences, the main message always was: Design can and must create social or economic impact to be meaningful and worthwhile.
To prove its commitment to this mantra, the Design Institute created the Go-to Hub programme where socio-economic impact is enabled through the application of the design process and design interventions.Read more

Design at the SABS Convention
The SABS is hosting its annual Convention on Thursday, 10 October 2013 at the Sandton Convention Centre with an opportunity for designers to take part in a breakaway session on the 20x20 Design Democracy Project. Read more about the convention here and about the 20x20 project here

General design news


The Knowledge Economy Network (KEN)
The Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) is committed to contribute in strengthening knowledge economy and competitiveness. KEN is registered in Brussels as a non-profit association.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has accepted to host the next annual Global KEN Forum, titled Promoting Innovation through Education and Research, on the 22 – 23 October 2013 in Cape Town. Register and read more here


AZA 2013 International Workshop design and trade exhibition
All built environment designers and stakeholders are invited to a national workshop on 19 & 20 November to discuss the WDC2014 theme: Live Design, Transform Life as an opportunity for architectural expression. Read more here


2014 Interdesign Mumbai
The 2014 Icsid Interdesign - 'Humanising a Metropolis', will seek to address some of the social and infrastructure challenges facing the growing city of Mumbai (India) focusing on the Matunga locality situated in the central part of Mumbai. Read more here


Afrinolly Short-Film Competition
Young, innovative emerging African film makers with exceptional narrative skills, conversing on issues about the African continent, are invited to enter short films or/and documentary films of not more than 15 minutes to win prize money varying from US$ 5000 to US$ 25 000.  Deadline is 30 November. More information available here


Share your story
Young, spirited web adopters living in Africa, willing to share their stories about positively changing the lives of those around them or growing businesses in a creative way, can win funding to increase the impact of their work. Deadline  is 30 October. Read more here


World Design Impact Prize
The world is full of creative solutions to interesting problems. Have a look at the 26 projects selected for the World Design Impact Prize 2013-2014 cycle. Read more here


Is design still about making things?
‘Designers are starting to operate in a way that’s more important to society as a whole’, says Stephen Burks, industrial designer and founder of studio Readymade Projects. Read more here


What’s Stopping You from Being Creative?
In our experience, everyone is the creative type.”
Tom and David Kelley’s new book, Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All, is an engaging collection of personal and professional stories about people who have overcome their fear of failure and rediscovered their creativity. Read more here