DI actively participates in the Innovation Summit

July 2013

Message from the SABS CEO

  The Design Institute is here to serve the country

At the SABS, we believe that design and innovation should be used to respond to current and future technological, economic and social demands in South Africa. It should act as the catalyst to meaningfully overcome the national challenges of high unemployment, poverty and inequality. Read the complete message here

From the Design Institute


Now is the time to shine

Design promotion in South Africa has been around for at least 50 years, and by our very nature, South Africans are innovators who can make plans and think up new ways of doing things. But, the time has come to draw on the symbiotic or mutually advantageous relationship between innovation and design. We are therefore highly excited to be a partner at the 6th South African Innovation Summit taking place in Sandton on 27, 28 and 29 August. Read the complete message here.

General Design News


Innovation Summit

DI actively participates in the Innovation Summit

The SABS Design Institute, as the official design partner of the 6th SA Innovation Summit, is seizing the opportunity to promote the role of design in innovation. Being right up there with the giants in the South African economy like the IDC, Telkom, Sasol, Eskom and more, the Institute will drive the message of the role of design in the innovation value chain by:

  • Presenting a workshop on Design and Innovation during the Conference.
  • Joining the CEO panel discussion on challenges facing companies when innovating.
  • Offering design advice at the Sparklab where inventions are showcased.
  • Offering master classes in local design at the Sparklab.
  • Representing design on the judging panel of the Inventor’s Garage.
  • Offering prizes in the form of design services at the Pitching Den, and also serving on the judging panel.

To find more details on the activities and programme or to register, click here or join in the fun on Twitter (@innovsummit) or Facebook (SA Innovation Summit).


Call for participation

Showcase your invention at the Innovation Summit

Sasol Pitching Den
Pitch for funding, incubation and support at the Innovation Summit Pitching Den. Entries close on 8 August 2013. Interested parties must APPLY ONLINE  or download the Sasol Pitching Den Application Form PDF or Microsoft Word version and submit their pitches to pitch@innovationsummit.co.za.

See what you can gain here

Inventors’ Garage
Enter your non-commercialised invention, design, discovery, creation, model in the Inventors’ Garage completion by clicking here. Entries close on 22 August 2013.

Click here to vote for entries and to see what you can win.

Eskom Spark Lab
Open to the public to experience innovation and to invent free of charge.

Summit Youth Day
On 27 August a programme dedicated to the youth will run from 10:00 - 13:00. Bookings for schools can be done with estelle@innovationsummit.co.za     

Find information on the MC, programme and speakers here.    


Mandela Poster Project makes news around the world
The Mandela Poster Project that was unveiled in time for Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday on 18 July has made news around the world, with television coverage from all the major international networks and newspapers from six continents paying attention to the project. Read more here.


Design Festival

Open Design Cape Town
Doing away with the exclusive stigma associated with design, the inaugural OPEN DESIGN Cape Town (21 August – 31 August 2013) brings together all the design disciplines through a full and varied programme. Read more here



Post Office launches Stamp Design Competition for World Design Capital Cape Town 2014
"Stamps are more than just a form of prepaid postage, they are miniature ambassadors that vibrantly narrate our lives,” said Johan van Wyk, senior manager of philatelic services for the SA Post Office. Read more here.



7 Ways to boost your creativity
Legendary ad creative John Hegarty is known for saying "do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you," and he walks the talk. Here, he shares some insight on getting, and staying, more creative. Read more here.


3-D Printing

9 Ways 3-D printing makes the world better
At last, the oh-cool at-home manufacturing toy turns into an important tool--offering people (and animals) aid on-demand. Read more here.



Recycling robot of the future “erases” concrete buildings
The ERO Concrete Recycling Robot, a portable concrete-eating machine, proposes an answer to normal demolition, which entails untold sums of waste, noise, mess, and expense. Read more here.


Product Development

Why you should find product-market fit before sniffing around for venture money
When you first start out the only thing that matters is finding a cohort of customers who truly value what you offer. Growth alone means next to nothing. Growth without value to the customer is likely to lead nowhere--or worse, to a big flameout. Read more here.


Creative collaboration

Shelter from the storm: why brainswarming is the future of collaboration
Brainstorming has been around since, well, forever. But many folks believe it's no longer effective. It relies on a thunderstorm metaphor--a sudden swirl of energy that gets everybody’s attention for a moment, then passes by, dissipates, and leaves nothing behind. That's where brainswarming comes in. Read more here.



3 Big Rules Of Innovation From The Google Guy Behind Android And Chrome
Google SVP Jonathan Rosenberg might be the reason Google has an open culture--and why Chrome and Android flourished. Here he opens up on innovative thinking. Read more here.