In Celebration of Madiba

Lets redesign our lives as active citizens!

The SABS Design Institute is deeply saddened by the passing away of Madiba, the country's great Change-Maker. 
In celebration of his life, the Institute wants to challenge all readers to get involved in designing a better South Africa. Have a look at the inspiring presentation delivered at TEDxSoweto by Gavin Mageni, Group Manager of the Design Institute and consider ways to join in making change happen for the country!

A message from the SABS CEO

Dr Boni Mehlomakulu
WDC2014: What does it mean for design promotion in SA?

In her regular message, Dr Boni Mehlomakulu deliberates on the value of World Design Capital® Cape Town 2014 (WDC 2014) for design promotion in South Africa. Read More



A message from the Design Institute

Gavin Mageni
Aligning the DI with global design bodies: A step in the right direction

Gavin has experienced first-hand the role played by international design bodies and the impact they have on the world of design. Read More



Tought leadership perspective

Design a better South Africa

At TEDxSoweto the audience was challenged with two serious statements starting with  “What if?” Read more and watch the video


General Design News

Design Institute

Design and entrepreneurship: A fortunate match


The Design Institute has participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, urging fit-for-purpose and user-centric products and services. Read more here




Design Institute

Design at the Knowledge Economic Network (KEN) Forum Conference

The session on “Design – an Innovation Driver”, moderated by Gavin Mageni, Group Manager of the Design Institute, focused on the value of design thinking, design-led education, building on diversity, and encouraging the potential of the individual.
Read more here.


Design showcase

100 Percent Design South Africa Launches 

Johannesburg becomes the fourth city in the world to host the commercial cornerstone event of the London Design Festival. Read more here



World Design Impact Prize 2013-2014

Icsid announced seven shortlisted projects at its 28th General Assembly. Read more here



Helsinki's WDC legacy project 

Following on its WDC tenure during 2012, Helsinki launched a pilot project to promote the use of design in cities. Read more here





The secret of innovation: Think like a kid 

Tim Brown from IDEO looks at the possible roots of the creative confidence crisis - the fear of failure, of being judged by others. 
Read more here



The one thing that truly motivates creative talent and how to foster it 

Read about the mojo that breathes life into curiosity and lifelong learning, into building new and better skills, into making individually defined talent level bloom into something of value to the whole, pushing people to go beyond obligation in their work. Read more here