43 in the SAB Innovation Awards

June 2014 Newsletter

We are very proud to announce that Shalton Mothwa (@FanaMothwa), one of the Candidates from the 43 Challenge run by the SABS Design Institute,has been provisionally chosen as one of the Phase 3 Finalists for the 2014 edition of the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards. Read More


When design promotion makes a national impact 

For design to make a meaningful difference to the state of a nation’s economic wellbeing takes commitment from a variety of role players, including the government, private sector, the creative fraternity and the general public. Read More


SABS Design Institute interview with Claire Reid

Claire Reid:
How does your garden grow?
Design thinking does not have an age limit. This much is true for Claire Reid who gave the “What if?” thought process a try at the tender age of 16 when she wanted to plant a vegetable garden but were hindered in her endeavour by the huge quantities of seed and fertiliser she had to buy. Read more




Cycling: Free-wheeling to the top of the trends list

As trends go, cycling is right up there at the top. This year, entries for the Argus Cycle Race - capped at 40 000 - filled up in a record-breaking five days.
Read More

Über hip, but o, so simple

If you want to do the cycling thing, but believe that the beauty of your iron horse is non-negotiable, then a Simple SAM bike is for you. Read More


Message from the CEO of the SABS, Dr Boni Mehlomakulu

Youth unemployment: Can design add to the solution?

Youth unemployment in South Africa continues to be in the news. In the past month, during a Youth Day celebration, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said that South Africa's youth unemployment could be the country's single most critical challenge. Read More

Message from the Group Manager of the Design Institute, Gavin Mageni

Where there’s freedom, there is also responsibility

At the end of Youth Month we again consider what the class of ’76 fought for and what they eventually achieved. These courageous young people added their voices and their passion to a wave that swept South Africa to eventually result in what we have today – freedom for all our country’s citizens. Read More


Design Institute again an official partner of the Innovation Summit

The 7th Innovation Summit will take place in Cape Town from 16 to 18 September at the Cape Town Stadium. As was the case last year, the SABS Design Institute has again signed up as a design partner. Read More

SA low-cost housing innovators participate in World Bank conference

All of 17 years after winning an SABS Design for Development Award in 1997 for a low-cost housing solution, Moladi, a Port Elizabeth-based construction company participated in the World Bank’s 6th Global Housing Finance Conference that was held in Washington DC  in May. Read More

Old Prison Museum now showcasing state-of-the-art exhibitions

The Old Prison Museum in Pietermaritzburg has exceptional historic significance for South Africa and its people. The building is a monument for the ill-treatment of human rights in South Africa during colonial rule and Apartheid era. Read More

Update on Better Living Challenge

The entries have been processed and the numbers are in. The Better Living Challenge received 130 entries across three categories. Read More


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