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Innovation Summit

Design Institute offers assistance to innovators at the Innovation Summit

The 2015 SA Innovation Summit, with the theme Innovation Intelligence, takes place at the Cape Town Stadium from 26 to 29 August. The summit has two competitions for inventors, entrepreneurs and companies where finalists will be presented at the Market on the Edge 27 – 29 August. There are R100 000 in cash prizes available for the winners.

The Mandela Poster Project and many more

Three cats, three leopards and a textile called shweshwe

You see it covering shoes, stitched into place mats or funky African shirts, even covering the odd teddy bear. Shweshwe fabric has been seen on the catwalks in Paris and still takes pride of place in traditional ceremonies in rural South Africa.

Youth month feature

Looking at life through a different lens


So you want to be a designer?

So you want to be a designer?