The Product Development Process

The journey of a new product - from idea to innovation - comprises a complex process requiring a wide range of experts, including people such as engineers, industrial designers, market consultants, manufacturing specialists, intellectual property experts and more.  The success of  product development is greatly influenced by the cost, quality and the time to market of the innovation.  The innovator is faced with the challenge of considering from the outset all elements of the product life cycle and design the product to be successful in each stage of its life cycle.  Concurrent engineering is an enabling approach that offers exactly this.

To get a new product into the market, the innovator must do more than just develop something that works. The technical development steps involved in developing a new product should be matched to a careful assessment of the new product’s market.  At the same time, the innovator needs to evolve a business structure to support these activities and to protect his or her interests including Intellectual property.

Enterprise creation

Good product ideas often have the potential to be developed into business opportunities. However, there are many pitfalls on the road to a successful product or business, which can be avoided by calling on experts to support you. Visit the LINK section for contacts.