ON-DEMAND DELIGHT - The Uberfication of everything arrives in Africa.


Cheap labour costs means Africa already has a well-developed mindset around outsourcing everyday tasks. But now, expectations around how that will be done are transforming thanks to Uber and others.

Since 2000, the middle classes of Africa's 11 largest economies have grown from 4.6 million households to 15 million today (Standard Bank, August 2014). In 2015, these time-stricken, middle class Africans will expect the ability to tap an app or login to an online platform and outsource routine tasks. Accustomed to stressful and inefficient services, they'll embrace the greater transparency and quality control allowed by outsourcing platforms and apps.

What would your offering look like if it went ON-DEMAND in 2015?

Capetonian-based WumDrop provides pick-ups, deliveries and similar courier services on-demand.

Launched in August 2014, Washist, for NGN 10,000 per month, provides on-demand laundry service for Lagosians.

SweepSouth offers domestic cleaning services in South Africa. Due to its popularity, the young company expanded from Johannesburg to Greater Guateng and the Western Cape in late 2014.


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