A beautiful way to work. Offis by RAW Studios.

Pretoria based Raw Studios has created a dynamic system of office pieces, read below the post by Peet van Straten about the new range, Offis™ , launched last year actually We really love it.. and we actually have it in our offices here at the DI.

“The new collaborative, connected workplace is not only about redefining our mind-set about what furniture we need and how our space needs to be reconfigured to be effective. It also requires a new appraisal of how people and technology interact for the benefit of employer and employee. The technology revolution offers new potential that will require all of us to embrace flexibility to change how we work and collaborate.

We have taken what we have learnt about office spaces over the last 10 years and translated this into the system that we use in our own office. Beautifully designed in the trademark Raw Studios look and feel, ergonomic, affordable and practical, the system addresses the more traditional functions and layouts present in office environments, as well as cutting-edge thinking around mobile and highly connected modern office environments. This includes hot-desking and the very necessary flexible-use space between and around traditional workspaces.”

The new Offis worktable includes low partitions that can be slotted into the desk to define separate work spaces. A modular leg design results in more efficient use of materials during production. The tables come in single, double and L-shaped versions.

The Offis storage pieces include cabinets, filing units and bookshelves that match the pared down, contemporary aesthetic of the range.

We particularly love the Pods, they are comfortable and have special acoustic properties that keeps the noise to a minimum, they are great for breakaways and just plain privacy in a FACEBOOK, TWITTER world where privacy is becoming a rare commodity.

Go see more at www.rawstudios.co.za