The year is halfway: Do you agree with trend predications for 2014?

In December 2013, JWT, the world's best-known marketing communications brand brought out its list of 100 things to watch in 2014. With this year having passed the halfway mark, it could be entertaining to see whether their predications panned out. You decide on the top 10 trend listed here.

  • 3D Printer Retail Hubs

Retailers are getting into the 3D printing game by providing access to the technology for consumer not ready to invest in their own printers. Any of these seen in SA yet?

  • 3D Printing Accessories

As 3D printing comes to the consumer market, we’ll see a corresponding rise in accessories that help people bring their 3D ideas to life.

  • Aerial Yoga

This low-impact, high-energy yoga variation, in which participants are suspended from stretchy fabric, is taking off from Florida to Johannesburg.

  • African Contemporary Art 

Galleries and museums in major art markets are showing a new openness to contemporary African art. What if Africa?

  • Algae

These organisms are finding their way into everything, from cosmetics to fertiliser. 

  • Ambient Commerce

As more “smart,” sensor-connected objects hit the marketplace, brands will seek to offer instant gratification by way of “ambient commerce”: anticipating consumer needs and wants, and providing goods and services automatically.

  • Armchair Travel

New technologies, such as GoPro provides vicarious travel in novel ways.

  • Arrested IRL Development

The tech-weaned generation is experiencing arrested “in real life” development, opening up opportunities for services that can help bridge these skills gaps.

  • Art Incubators

Art institutions are launching in-house incubators, seeking ways to stretch the concept of a museum’s mission, explore the intersection of art and technology, and stimulate creative thinking that can benefit the museum and the community around it alike.

  • Awesomeness TV

Check out what has been described as the hottest channel on YouTube.