Winning – Enter your bright idea and win

Do you have an innovative business idea but don’t know how to make it happen? The Design Institute is currently running a competition titled Making Ideas Happen. By entering a bright idea on the website entrants can win a ticket to attend the 2015 Design Indaba. Every person has the capacity to conceive and make new things, from the simple to the complex. This activity of creation is called design and most people do it every day, whether they use the term or not.
As an ideas incubator, the Design Institute nurtures ideas, analyses them, grows them and shapes them to fit the application at hand. The Institute surrounds young entrepreneurs with a design team who helps to create the product, brand and business model all at the same time. The design team works alongside the entrepreneur during workdays at the Institute, and also when the entrepreneur is off site. These designers are, for the most part, professionals working freelance or in small businesses.