When viral campaigns produce the goods

The term ‘viral campaign’ is bandied about a lot these days – apparently everything goes viral. But are all viral campaigns created equal? In the past month the master print set of the Mandela 95 Collection, an initiative started in May last year to honour the life legacy of late Nelson Mandela, was sold to the SABS, with the Design Institute being instrumental in the sale. The poster collection was sold for the targeted price envisaged by the Mandela Poster Project Collective (MPPC) volunteers who initiated the project. The full target amount has been donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust. A second master print set of the collection will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital to be used as part of its interior design once the facility has been built. As an example of a viral campaign, the Mandela Poster Project cannot be topped. The MPPC curated the more than 700 poster submissions in 2013 and in the end 95 posters from 37 countries were selected based on narrative relevance to form part of the Mandela 95 Collection (representing 95 years of Madiba’s life). All of this happened in a record two months from the initial idea put on Facebook by two South African designers in 2013. Today the Mandela Poster Collection can be viewed at the Main Campus of the SABS in Pretoria. Is has been extensively exhibited in South Africa and many other destinations around the world.

The selected Mandela 95 collection can be viewed at www.mandelaposterproject.org.

For more information on the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust, visit www.nelsonmandelachildrenshospital.org.