So you want to be a designer?

Seems like nowadays every second person wants to be a designer or calls him- or herself a designer. Even people whose jobs have nothing to do with design are calling themselves designers. "Financial designers" is one I heard recently - ‘designing your financial future’ - say what?

Here is a great checklist, from Jacob Gube, the co-founder of Design Instruct, that will help guide you to see if you should even consider getting into the design field.

1. You see Design in everything

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and thought to yourself somewhere along the lines of this: “I wonder what font this can of tuna is using. It could’ve communicated better to me if it had a bit more kerning” (Just knowing what kerning is, is also a good sign).

Design is everywhere and in everything, and designers have the tendency to look at it instinctively.

2. The details that matter, matter to you

Being a designer means you care about the details.

But let me rephrase that. More than just being detail-oriented, being a designer involves identifying the details that matter, and giving them the care and attention they deserve.

Details that affect people’s experiences with your designs matter a lot. These details are sacred.

3. You care about solving people’s problems

A design is successful when it properly provides solutions to real problems.

It’s in redesigning a website so that people can find their way around it. It’s in coming up with clever data visualization solutions to include in your infographics so that people can easily digest the numbers.

And so it only makes sense that a successful designer, by default, is a problem solver.

And more than that, a great designer is compassionate, and looks at the needs of other people first.

4. You hate the status quo

Do you constantly find yourself looking at something and filling in the blank in this phrase: "This could be better if [blank]"?

Are you the type of person that refuses to believe that "good enough" is good enough? Do you always look for ways to rise above the current situation, and find innovative ways to solve problems?

Great designers constantly search for new ways to innovate and make things better than they are.


Some things you can do today:

Buy a book about Design and promise yourself that you’ll give time to reading it completely once you get your hands on it

Check out the Education section on our web for more info on Design Schools etc.

Subscribe to the RSS feeds of websites, online magazines, and blogs that deal with Design, our blog is a good place to start