Signing up for a better future through design

Recently a group of jewellery designers and manufacturers from the Global Jewellery Incubator (GJI) in Lenasia visited the Design Institute to experience first-hand how they can improve their trade and livelihood using the design process. Members of the group either come from a disadvantaged background or suffer a disability which, in this case, is that they are hearing impaired. The group of six jewellers, two facilitators and two sign language translators was accompanied by the CEO of the Incubator, Mr Robert Buys. Read more

The design clinic presented by the Design Institute was one of a series of clinics offered within the partnership with SEDA where the Design Institute conducts direct design sessions with SMMEs at their incubators across the country. Design sessions involve the assessing of the service and/or product offerings, business processes and systems of the SMMEs by a panel of experts. Market need, differentiation and resource and process optimisation, based on the actual SMME, are assessed and challenges found are addressed through the implementation of the design process.

Once a gap analysis has been completed, recommendations are given through to SEDA which in turn will send businesses that qualify onto the next stage which involves design support and actual design intervention.

This clinic focussed on the business idea of each individual incubatee, the image of the business (including logos, business cards and the like) a competitor analysis, the revenue or business model, intellectual property and an in-depth analysis of the target market.

It is envisaged that these jewellery businesses will move onto a brighter future through continued design interventions.