Open Design Cape Town

OPEN DESIGN Cape Town is an annual cross-disciplinary citywide event creating an educational, informative, inclusive and collaborative platform where through design and its numerous disciplines, it aims to galvanise Cape Town’s community to openly share their design with each other, raising awareness of and increasing appreciation for design by all.
Doing away with the exclusive stigma associated with design, the inaugural OPEN DESIGN Cape Town (21 August – 31 August 2013) brings together all the design disciplines through a full and varied programme encouraging design practitioners, managers, media, educators, students and members of the public to share design concepts with each other and particularly with young people to facilitate the development of a future generation of designers.

With a focus on “Design is for Sharing”, the event will feature 10-days of curated exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, launches and open studios sharing the transformative power of design through talking about it, reflecting and engaging with it; exchanging information that could benefit a broader local and global growth of ideas, practices and markets.

Why “Design is for Sharing”?
The theme aims to create an educational, informative and inclusive festival encouraging design practitioners, managers, media, students, educators and any member of public to share their design. With a cross-disciplinary focus from a practical and theoretical aspect, the theme of sharing design aims to increase the understanding and widespread impact of design in helping solve social, economic and cultural issues as well as its relevance to everyday day life.
OPEN DESIGN aims to take design out of the hands of the elite few and create an open platform for all to engage with it and discuss its relevance in society, both locally and internationally.

Who organises OPEN DESIGN Cape Town?
OPEN DESIGN Cape Town is a collaboration by the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) in partnership with the Cape Town Design Network (CTDN), the Western Cape Furniture Initiative (WCFI) and the City of Cape Town (CoCT). It is headed by a steering committee of inspired designers, communicators, educators and entrepreneurs who believe in the potential of shared and open design to positively impact on social, economic and cultural matters.

What are the dates for OPEN DESIGN Cape Town?
This annual winter event will take place from 21 August – 31 August 2013. The programme will give a broader round up of all the events taking place during OPEN DESIGN Cape Town. Sign up for our newsletter and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Where is OPEN DESIGN Cape Town?
Keeping with the theme of “Design is for Sharing”, events will take place throughout Cape Town – from the beautiful Cape Town City Hall and design studios to galleries, design schools and convention facilities – all that matters is what is being shared. More details can be found on individual listings on OPEN DESIGN Cape Town website.

Can anyone participate in OPEN DESIGN Cape Town?
OPEN DESIGN Cape Town invites institutions, academies, design media, local and international partners, consuls, designer practitioners and the public to take part in the 10-day sharing celebration through crafting design-related exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, launches and open studios.

The steering committee will allocate all submission to their respective categories and if required, assist in developing submissions to ensure that they are positively contributing to the “Design is for Sharing” theme of OPEN DESIGN Cape Town, and once reviewed and approved, they will list the event for promotion.

It’s easy to list your event. Simply go to our online submission by clicking add event.

To continue with the ethos of sharing, we just ask that participants feature OPEN DESIGN Cape Town in their marketing material and communications. Contact to learn more about our branding policy.

What is the cost to attend OPEN DESIGN Cape Town?
OPEN DESIGN Cape Town will play host to a mix of free to enter and ticketed events. Each event listed on the programme will have the necessary details to make sure you don’t get surprised, so check the website before heading out. And in case you’re travelling into Cape Town, either from a neighbour or abroad, anyone is welcome to attend OPEN DESIGN Cape Town – the name does speak for itself.