Nigerian Animation Startup


A new stealth Nigerian computer animation studio called Sporedust is working on a series of kick-ass world-class animation short clips that could position it to become the Pixar of Africa.
During a demo presentation at TEDxVictoriaIsland on Friday, one of the company’s co-founders and CEO, Shina Ajulo shared their story, interests and passion for comics, music gaming and animation which led some of them to drop out of school or abandon studies as medical and law students to pursue animation.
Ajulo whose life-long dream is to make a world-class feature animation then released the company’s first short clip titled, Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings.
Watch the less than 5-minute clip below in what appears to be a remake of The Lion King, but Cock and Chicken-styled. Combining comedy and action-packed scenes, the story is said to be deep and captivating, while targeting PG 13 viewers and animation lovers of different ages.
In an interview with One Nigerian Boy back in February 2011, Ajulo said that the idea behind Chicken Core came from one of its creators, Ape Ekene who after drawing frames for a 2D animation advert back in 2006, started picturing chickens wracking alligators.
Then, he designed the 1st character, Kiki (or Cock Father Kiki) and they started picking other character names and deciding on a plot. However, the project gathered dust soon after and was thrown in the archives, but in 2009, the team began redesigning the concept.
Today, the plot is now complete and the script for Season One is said to be done, although it would be made available when the movie trailer gets finally released and the final movie released by late 2013.
Based in Ajao Estate in Lagos, Sporedust was started in early 2012 by creative talents who are suckers for gaming and animation and became self-taught in design, graphics and animation before starting the company.