Museum of African Design.

“Engaging with some of the most exciting ideas from across Africa and the Diaspora, and sharing them in innovative ways, is going to change the perception of white-walled, glass-boxed institutions.” - Aaron Kohn

The Museum of African Design is the first museum on the African continent completely dedicated to design. A cultural hub, rather than merely a collecting institution, “MOAD” devotes itself to exploring the ever-changing African continent and diaspora. The Museum of African Design officially opened in October 2013.

MOAD is dedicated to being the foremost museum of African design in the world. The Museum documents the dynamic world of African design by presenting exhibitions and educational programs, by collaborating with partner institutions around the world, and by supporting unparalleled scholarship on African design.

MOAD recognises that African design is not limited to a race or geography, neither to a particular aesthetic or a singular history. The value that resonates most with the DI is that MOAD knows that Design Thinking is essential to the world, and especially to Africa’s future; that design and art, and their intermediary genres and manifestations are not meant to be clearly defined or limited. Design can encompass any form of expression, and the different arguments around its boundaries are part of an open-ended discussion that can be explored in museum exhibitions and discourse.

In a nutshell - the Museum of African Design seeks to exist as a space for conversation, research, and responding to the issues of African design – past, present, and future – in a democratic design environment that is accessible to everyone.