Message from the Group Manager of the Design Institute, Gavin Mageni

The Design Institute is committed to support new ideas that can create a thriving economy. Never has prosperity been more important than now when we are entering our next 20 years of democracy and people are looking for signs that a better life can be created for all.

Through targeted design interventions, the Design Institute aims to be a catalyst for economic growth. Of particular importance is creating opportunities that will shrink youth unemployment figures. So, what are these targeted design interventions that can make a difference? 

The first lies with the activities undertaken by our Design & Innovation Entrepreneurship Centre that offers facilities to develop ideas into prototypes and provide innovators with skills to commercialise their ideas to eventually create successful businesses. The second design intervention is to award excellence. This will be done through the CRUX awards – Africa’s highest honour for achievement in design and innovation announced recently. The Design Institute also provides a one-stop platform that conducts business-reengineering inputs which ultimately boosts the SMMEs growth trends. Over the past few months we have also entered into meaningful partnerships, based on our targeted value propositions. Finally, we can only make a difference if we are recognised as South Africa’s official design promotion body, both locally and internationally. Towards this end we are growing our profile through the actions we take and communicating our successes with the world outside.