Message from the CEO of the SABS, Dr Boni Mehlomakulu


With 27 April behind us, South Africans are now entering the next 20 years of democracy. Where the first 20 years have been marked by consolidation, addressing the ills of the past and creating a platform for further development, the next 20 years will definitely have to be about taking action. The SABS is up to the task of supporting our country towards this goal. As part of an action-orientated society, the SABS has set strategic objectives that will ensure that we remain on track to build a better South Africa. Our first objective is growth, broadening the scope of our services and the geographic footprint and producing standards that will continue making an economic impact. Here the Design Institute has served as an example to show that exceptional 

growth is possible in a short time. Our second strategic objective is aimed toward our customers, improving the relationship we have with them and meeting their expectations. This brings us to our third goal – productivity. The SABS 

aims to improve our operational performance to deliver quality outputs for customers and other stakeholders. The final strategic goal is to develop and maintain a pool of competent and empowered employees who will help the SABS achieve its goals and as a national asset, help South Africans to take meaningful action in the next 20 years.