Meet Sibusiso

How did being a part of the 43 challenge change your life?

The 43Challenge has dissected my idea unto its fundamental blocks. It forced me to revisit the assumptions I had made about the target market and the idea itself. Moreover, working with the best minds in the industry, who have the zeal and patience to see your product prosper has been the highlight. The teams they allocate to the entrepreneurs also complement the skill set of the entrepreneur beautifully.

Who are you, what is your story?

I am an entrepreneur with a background in Building services and engineering. I am passionate about design and innovation, so much that I developed a product that will improve the trading conditions and trading experience for informal traders.

What are you working on with the SABS Design Institute?

I am designing a mobile trading device for informal traders, that is convertible from a trolley to a storage unit, to a display unit.

What is your favourite invention?

A tunnel boring machine that burrows tunnels underground, like the one that was used to create the Gautrain tunnels.
What would be you ultimate invention or design?
A crystal ball.

What are some of the items you can’t leave the house without?

My cell phone and a diary (yes, I keep a manual diary)

What are you really bad at?

Maintaining decorum when I see things are going wrong.

What makes you angry?

A lack of accountability, when things are going wrong. Somebody somewhere is responsible.

What gives you  hope?

When young South Africans take responsibility for their destiny and develop a CAN-DO attitude.

Words to live by?

It’s never good and surreal until it is implemented and tested by the market.

What are you superpowers?

Current superpower: The ability to get things done.

Apple, Android or blackberry?

New-Term: APP-NDROID. iPad and Galaxy Note 3, in that order.