Meet Sandile

What are  you working on with the SABS Design institute?

A mobile booking system intended for ‘THE TOTAL ERADICATION OF QUEUES IN SOUTH AFRICA’

Who are you, What is your story?

I’m from Centurion, chaps in the street call mee CLEI (pronounced Clay), trying to advance SA b y eradicating queues in all spheres of our beautiful lives.

What have you designed / invented in the past?

An electricity mobile phone payment system (still trying to get bureaucrats and the fat cats to see the light).

What are some of the things, you can’t leave the house without?

Cell phone, this is to communicate with all my usual suspects and the first lady.

What are you really bad at?

Valentine’s day, it has been an awkward day for most of my life, either I forget the day or I am too broke to buy a present.

What gives you hope?

To be alive, everything is possible.

What makes you angry?

Poor service anywhere, I hate it.

Words to live by?

Excellence is an art, the first and the last, I am that ART.

Apple, Android, or Blackberry?

Apple, don’t have it yet but a man can live with a BB.